Abu Julia the best Arab media chefs

Abu Julia, the famous chef on Facebook

He put his touches lightly on traditional cooking recipes to bring them out in a new innovative image until the number of his followers on various social media platforms reached 8.8 million followers, and within one year he achieved nearly 600 million views.


Describing himself as fun and loving, and loving the name “Julia”, Muhammad Sbeita called himself: “Abu Julia”.


He studied English literature, and worked in translation, proofreading, and editing, in addition to development projects.

Despite the harsh conditions he lived in in the Gaza Strip, he was able to create opportunities for himself so that he could overcome them to get to know the world outside the Strip, in which he lived 27 years of his life without leaving it.

Abu Julia at the news website also

Abu Julia studied English literature and worked in translation, proofreading, and editing (communication sites)

Abu Julia tells Al Jazeera Net:

During my adolescence and youth, I worked with my father in the blacksmith profession for more than 12 years.

And I had to cook as a child to help at home by virtue of being the eldest son during my mother’s illness and to relieve her and my sisters’ burden, until cooking became a passion that was compatible with I love to experiment and enjoy eating to the fullest with my family and friends and on my own, then I moved to London 4 years ago.


Corona starting point

Abu Julia indicated that providing content through social media platforms came without prior planning, “when I was able to teach myself some skills on video editing programs, especially during the long closure time in London due to the Corona pandemic.”

He adds, “This period gave me time to crystallize my new and spontaneous presence on social media platforms, as a food lover, an explanation of cooking methods, and a person of good breath who shares his pleasure with the world in the form of interesting content.”


Abu Julia Income & Net worth

Abu Julia’s income mainly comes from the work that created his reputation: as a chef.

Networth of Abu Julia in 2023 is 300,000$


The phrase “our dear ones” that Abu Julia is also famous for came without planning, as it is common among young people and friends in Gaza, and it occurs naturally on his tongue, as a way of wooing the opposite person and facilitating talking with him and breaking any deadlock in the meeting.

The word “required” means close and dear All respect for the other.

Tabbouleh, Mansaf, and criticism from the public

Regarding the most famous Arab countries following Abu Julia, he said,

“There are differences between followers according to the electronic platform, but they are generally from all countries, and the most followers are from Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq.”

He continues The posts and pictures that make me happy come from followers from all countries of the world, and I would not exaggerate if I said all countries literally.


Many of the posts are from the leading countries in terms of the number of followers, but I also receive some of them from members of Arab communities residing in remote countries.

Despite Abu Julia’s audience’s knowledge of his innovative method of cooking, some of his recipes were attacked and criticized by some of his followers, as he said that the Lebanese tabbouleh recipe met sharp criticism from the Lebanese public, who did not accept any modification or addition, even a simple addition to the recipe, although The change on my part was based on personal preference, and I didn’t claim it was essential to the traditional recipe.


He continued, as well as the recipe for mansaf, as the Jordanian people are very keen to preserve mansaf, and strongly attack any deviation from the traditional, accepted recipe, although the details of mansaf vary even within Jordan.


Renewal is necessary

Abu Julia stresses the importance of traditional foods in the identity and culture of countries and adds that traditional recipes are preserved and have importance in societal memory and cultural heritage and must be documented and passed on between generations, as traditional recipes of this type were published.

But on the other hand, it is very important to have the flexibility to enjoy eating according to the available circumstances.


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