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7 causes of obesity and overweight

Obesity, like other diseases, has many possible causes.

Obesity is like other diseases, which have many possible causes, and there is no doubt that knowing the cause of the disease is the main key to treatment and getting rid of it.



Causes of obesity:


Genetic factor

The genetic factor is one of the important reasons that can cause a person to gain weight, and this reason is due to the presence of a family history of obesity.

which is transmitted between individuals according to the transmission of genes, which causes weight gain.



Unhealthy eating habits

One of the causes leading to obesity is following unhealthy eating habits, such as eating processed foods that contain a high percentage of saturated fats.

as well as eating sweets and sugars, and excessive consumption of carbohydrates such as rice and pasta in a large way.

which also helps to gain weight and obesity, and the consumption of soft drinks. Excess of them increases the risk of infection.


Lack of exercise

Not practicing any kind of sport is a sufficient reason for being overweight.

and on the contrary, practicing any kind of physical activity has an important and significant role in regulating the insulin rate in the body.

which reduces weight gain, as the increase in insulin level and its instability has a major role in Obesity.



Take some medications for obesity

There are some types of medication, especially antidepressants, that help changes the functions of the body. and the brain; Where these drugs lead to weight gain and obesity.


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Sleep disorders

Sleep disturbances and the inability to relax and sleep well are one of the causes of obesity.

And weight gain as it works to stimulate the secretion of one of the hormones that increase appetite.

which is the hormone ghrelin.


Psychological factors of obesity

Among the reasons that lead to obesity and weight gain,

which some people do not take into account, is the individual’s stress, depression, and other mental disorders.


It is possible for the individual to eat a lot of food in order to improve his psyche and mood and reduce his stress levels.


Stress can also stimulate the secretion of the hormone cortisol,

which has a role in balancing the body’s energy and appetite levels in an individual.


Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the psychological and emotional state of the individual in order to treat obesity and overweight.



Infection with some diseases

Infection with some diseases and health problems is one of the reasons that lead to weight gain as it can cause.

These conditions are caused by hormonal disorders that affect the body’s metabolism or cause the patient’s inability to move.



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