Time travel

The Adam project, can science fiction become reality?

Nothing in the world is easier than time travel just wait 5 minutes and you’ll be in the future that’s it.

We are actually traveling in time into the future at a rate of one second per second.

But this is certainly not what readers, time travel enthusiasts, and science fiction buffs are looking for, is it?!


Project Adam

The pilot “Adam” flies his plane to escape those who are chasing him, so he fires a missile in the air that opens a time portal for him that takes him from the year 2050 to the year 2020.

and there he meets himself when he was a 12-year-old boy, and he seeks him to find his wife who also fled to the past to disrupt “Project Adam”. ,

which is a technology that Adam’s father works on, which caused the creation of time travel technology.

but the owner of the company in which his father works took advantage of the project to control the technology and control the world.


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Adam and his younger self, along with their father, succeed in destroying “Project Adam” after fighting with the company’s owner, Sorian, and her soldiers from the future to stop them.

Sorian was changed in the future by visiting herself in the past and providing her younger self with valuable information that enabled her to control.

but the “heroes” succeed in eliminating her and destroying the device; Thus saving the future.

This is a summary of a science fiction movie that I watched a while ago, and the question here is: Can humans travel through time, especially to the past?

Can he meet and interact with himself? Can he change the events of the past to influence the future?


Change the past and the butterfly effect


But if we assume that time travel to the past is possible, and all the traveler wants is to change a small event in the past in order to reflect positively on his future, as it is in the movie “Project Adam”, is it possible to modify the future by changing the past?

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The answer to this question is complicated, due to the so-called “butterfly effect”

This says that changing small events that seem trivial will generate a succession of results and successive developments that will eventually have consequences that are larger than the stages of the starting event.

In a way that no one expects, and in places The farther you are from anticipation, the greater the change you make or travel to an earlier time period the greater.

possibly devastating, impact it will have on the present.

Most theories assume that a person traveling in time to the past can meet his younger self, but he will not be able to change the future, meaning that a time traveler may be able to influence the past, but he will never be able to modify or change the timeline of history.


Time travel - Expressive
Time travel – Expressive

Back to the Adam Project

Project Adam was based on 3 elements that most researchers consider impossible to achieve; It is the possibility of traveling to the past,

The possibility of the traveler interacting with himself, and finally changing the events of the past time in order to change the future.

According to most theories if it is possible in the future to travel in time, then this will be one way to the future only, but if a person can one day travel to the past he will be haunted by the “butterfly effect” theory;

Therefore any modification implemented in the events of the past time will have a great impact and may be devastating in the future time in a way other than what the person expected,

and according to modern theories, the course of future history cannot be changed, no matter how much the time traveler to the past tries to modify it, and the future will find a way to correct its course The way it was meant to be.

In the end, time travel remains just theories based mainly on the possibility of traveling at the speed of light or its times faster, and on the existence or creation of wormholes that penetrate the “space-time” barrier.

And these issues are far from the truth now, but no one works out what the future holds for us.


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