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Tourist Attractions in Street Kaliurang

Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Kaliurang, Sleman, yogyakarta

Kaliurang Tourism Area located in Pakem is a favorite tourist destination until now. No wonder it is easy to find buildings with inside texture even though new tourist attractions continue to appear in Kali-urang.


If you pass through Jl. Kali-urang, the tourist atmosphere will begin to be felt after the UII campus. That atmosphere will become even more so when we enter Kapenawon Pakem.

Dozens of cars can be seen queuing to enter Bunnah Resto, which is always filled with tourists every day.

Then there are the tourist attractions of Ledok Sambi and Agrotourism Bhumi Merapi. After passing through the levy gate, we arrived at the Kali-urang Tourist Area.






Kaliurang Tourism Area is open 24 hours and the entrance ticket price is only Rp4,000 + Rp1,000 for fund-month donations. However, this is only the entrance ticket to the region.

Tourist attractions in Kali-urang and its surroundings have their own opening hours and entrance ticket prices.

However, traveling to Kaliurang will not be complete without visiting the following tourist attractions in Kaliurang and its surroundings.


Originally Kaliurang was a station hill, a resting place with cool mountain air for the people in Yogyakarta.

This is similar to Bogor for Batavia, Ungaran for Semarang, and Lembang for Bandung. One by one villa were built until now there are hundreds of villas and inns in Kaliurang.

Tourist attractions are also growing. All of which makes Kali-urang very attractive for family tours.


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Kaliurang tourism location - photo by Joud
tourism location – photo by Joud

Kaliurang tourism location - photo by Joud

Merapi Park has several tourist attractions. The World Landmarks presents photo spots with miniatures of iconic buildings in the world, while Dino Park just opened on May 3, 2022


In the past, Tlogo Muncar was a popular tourist spot in Kaliurang. However, the large eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010 made the waterfall discharge so small that tourists began to visit it infrequently.

Because it is not too crowded with visitors, this place is comfortable to enjoy the atmosphere of a tropical forest with cool and pollution-free air. For opening hours, admission prices.

Ledok Sambi

The Lost World Castle

Bukit Klangon

Kaliurang Hobbit House



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