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Winter foods help you feeling warm!

These are the best foods in the winter

Winter foods Honestly! lower temperatures and the impact of weather depressions,

In addition to the dangers of the Coronavirus, many are looking for foods and drinks that strengthen the immune system and increase the feeling of warmth.


Below, remember the most important foods and drinks that are recommended to be consumed for their role in strengthening immunity and feeling warm:



Winter foods


Citrus fruits :

such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, where citrus fruits are foods that have fibers that somehow help warm the body, in addition to their important role in strengthening immunity and protecting the body from various diseases and viruses.


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Hot soup

Such Soup Lentil is various forms: it contains important nutrients, especially natural soup, which many people are accustomed to eating at low temperatures, in addition to its role in strengthening the immune system because of nutrients it contains, the most important of which is iron.

Eggs and meat

They are among the things that help strengthen the body in general and make immunity better because they contain proteins.

Chili pepper :

Chili pepper is one of the foods that can perform the functions of heating and disease prevention together because it contains fiber, calcium, iron, and potassium.



Fruits are one of the foods that help keep warm in the winter.

All nutrition experts recommend eating plenty of fruits several times a day, in order to regulate certain body functions and achieve many health benefits.




It is one of the foods that help keep warm in the winter, especially fatty ones, such as salmon and sardines because it contains “omega-3”, a natural substance that strengthens immunity and gives a feeling of warmth as well.


Sweet potato:

It is one of the foods that can help warm and boost the body’s immunity, as it contains vitamin A and antioxidants.



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winter drinks for warming
winter drinks for warming

Warming drinks


Cocoa drink:

especially if milk is added to it, as it is a drink rich in magnesium and antioxidants.


Ginger drink:

  It helps to warm up and burn fat, as well as stimulate blood circulation and boost immunity at the same time.

Ginger also contains important antioxidants and nutrients, with the possibility of adding lemon to it. To be “an integrated drink, fortified with important nutrients that achieve both goals.”



Honey as main winter drinks:

Honey is a drink that helps boost immunity and provides the body with the energy it needs for heating.



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