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International cuisines: According to surveys… These are the 5 best

Travelers advice the most affordable cuisines in the world

While people dream of traveling to explore various tourist sites around the world, other people dream of traveling in order to enjoy a rich experience of world-famous cuisine and delicious meals.

Below we mention the 5 best international cuisines that are recommended to travel to for food tasting:


Italian cuisine ranks first, as the best international cuisine, which received the highest percentage of votes among tourists, because it contains many delicious foods

These foods include pizza, pasta, seafood, ice cream, and tiramisu. Those delicious meals, which you must try immediately when you visit Italy


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Contrary to what some people think, Chinese cuisine has some great food, unlike what you see on social media platforms. Because they have their own seasoning and method, which adds a different flavor when preparing food

The best things to try in Chinese cuisine are duck and roast beef


When the name of French cuisine was mentioned in front of the tourists, most of the comments reflected their admiration for it, and the phrase “event and no embarrassment” was used in it. It is full of delicious pastries and baked goods, with chocolate and a cup of coffee like no other

In addition, one of the best dishes in French cuisine is the tongue with boiled potatoes, in addition to grilled steak with vegetables

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Spain count by international cuisines

The culture of food is not considered an essential thing for the Spanish people, and one of the most important things that you will find when you visit Spain is the encouragement of football and celebrations, whether inside nightclubs or on the street

But in general, you should try the paella dish, which is considered one of the most famous dishes in Spanish cuisine, which is prepared from all ingredients, chicken, and sausage, with seafood, vegetables, and rice

Also, do not try to try the  Gazpacho salad, which is  free of strong flavors, as it is a liquid salad dish that makes you feel crunchy while eating it

International cuisines: Japan

When we talk about sushi, a favorite of many, you should go immediately to Japanese cuisine, which is famous for preparing such food in a wonderful way

Unlike Japan’s sushi dish, ramen or instant noodles are considered one of the most delicious meals in Japanese cuisine. Because this meal is prepared in more than one recipe, most of which are very spicy. But it has strong flavors that are absolutely irresistible

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