When we make travel arrangements, whether it is a business trip or a leisure and recreation trip, each of us dreams that the trip is perfect and that we enjoy every minute of it, and in order for you to enjoy your trip, you must take into account some points that will help you avoid a lot of trouble before and during the trip.

The following topic is the top 10 tips before traveling. We recommend that you follow them to enjoy your trip:

1. You must check the documents necessary for travel and whether you need to obtain a visa to enter the country to which you will travel, well in advance of the travel date, as well as ensure the validity of the passport and book airline tickets early to benefit from the best possible price.

2. If you are making your reservation electronically over the Internet, it is important to confirm that the reservation has been confirmed correctly and that you have received the ticket purchase voucher in your email with the booking reference number (Booking Number / Reference Number) and the names of the passengers written correctly, and if You have made the reservation with a travel agency. It is best to contact the airline directly to confirm the reservation details, as well as the hotel where you will be staying.

3. You must read the conditions applied to your ticket, the arrival hall number, and the weights allowed to be transported (registered and carried to the passenger cabin), and if you do not find sufficient information that explains these things to you, you should inquire by contacting the airline directly.

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4. It is better to read a comprehensive guide or at least a quick overview of the country you will travel to and take into account the experiences of travelers before you if available.

Keep a small guide with the most important landmarks you want to visit, a map, and a pocket dictionary in your language and the language of the destination country.

 It is also important to know the information about the weather during the period of your trip, which will help you while preparing your bags. Learn also about the forms of currency in it and the exchange rate, and if it is available in your country’s market, change what is enough for you during your trip.

 We advise you to prepare the bags quietly a few days before traveling and make sure to take the necessary things that will suffice for the duration of the trip. Put a sticker on the bags and write the name, address, and flight number on it. Put liquids in sealed bags away from clothes, and pay attention to valuables, money, and important papers. And it’s best to put all of this in your carry-on baggage to take with you on the plane.

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6 . If you are going to travel with your family and children, be sure to take with you their own things, some entertaining books, and their favorite game in their hand luggage so that they do not feel bored throughout the duration of the flight.

Some airlines only provide items and toys for children and inquire if there is a possibility to request a special meal for children.

But if your child is an infant (less than two years old), some airlines provide a sleeping cradle that you can request during the reservation procedure or before the time of travel, and make sure that you take the food that suffices him for the duration of the flight, as you may not find suitable food for him on the plane.

7. Travel experts recommend that you take a photocopy of your passport and ticket and keep the photocopy in a different place than you put the original in. This will be very useful if you lose one of them.

8 . Among the important tips before traveling is also the need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes while traveling that make it easy to move and give you comfort if you want to sleep on the plane, with the need to take a light jacket or scarf in the hand luggage because airports and planes are air-conditioned and relatively cold.

9. Most companies now allow their customers to self-finish travel via the Internet, as well as choose a seat on the plane to avoid long waiting at the airport and go to the company’s port on the day of travel only to check in the luggage. 

Experts advise travelers in economy class when choosing a seat to avoid the seats located at the end of the plane or near the wings because these seats lack calm and regular air, as well as seats near toilets because they are subject to passenger hesitation, and you can choose the seats overlooking the inner aisle, as they give you more space for the feet or

Those next to the window if you want to sleep, and for greater comfort, the seats at the emergency exits are optimal.

10. It is better to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight time in the case of international flights and 2 hours for domestic flights, in order to complete your travel procedures, register bags, reach the boarding hall, and avoid any delays in procedures that would prevent you from catching your plane.

In the end, we also present to you a video prepared by the Saudi Passports Authority, which contains a set of the most important advice and instructions that must be taken into consideration before traveling abroad on vacation or work assignments.

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