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My experience with the dates and milk diet

My experience with the diet of dates and milk, and the experiences of others are able to give you benefits centered around what you want to know, and in this place.

the experiences of others about dieting and losing weight are of interest to many who want to follow a diet, in order to know the things that contributed to Weight loss, what to avoid and be careful.

 Including during dieting in order to obtain the desired results, so we present to you through my site my experience with the diet of dates and milk.

Dates photo: example for dates benefits
Dates photo: example for dates benefits

Benefits of dates for diet

Dates are one of the dried fruits rich in nutrients important to the body, in addition to its ability to give a person a sense of satiety for as long as possible, so it is ideal and useful when following a diet, and helps to lose weight. weight, so we offer you the benefits of dates for the diet:

  • It has a high percentage of dietary fiber, and thus helps to feel full for as long as possible during the day, especially when it is eaten moderately before the main meals.
  • Dates are a major and important source of natural sugar, which contributes to providing the body with sufficient energy to perform its vital functions.
  • Not only does it play a role in facilitating the digestion process, but it also works to regulate the work of the intestines, and this is why it reduces the incidence of disorders in the digestive system, such as: constipation.
  • Eating dates stimulates the digestion process, especially when consuming carbohydrates, protein, and fats.
  • However, one must be careful not to overeat dates so as not to cause side effects.
  • Five grains of dry dates should suffice so that 3 grains are eaten in the morning before breakfast and two grains during the day.
  • Dates can be added to three cups of lukewarm water.
  • Some rules must be followed in the diet of dates and milk, such as: maintaining a healthy diet free of fatty substances, drinking a sufficient amount of water, exercising, and sufficient sleep so that it is not less than 7 to 8 hours in the evening.

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Recovery from allergies

The recipe of milk with dates is said to have antimicrobial properties. It is the perfect combination to tackle seasonal allergies that are often a nuisance and cause discomfort.

Best Time to Eat Dates

Best Time to Eat Dates

Like every other diet, which has the proper timing for every meal, there is the best time to eat dates with milk.

Having this mix in the morning has a horde of benefits, such as cleansing important organs, ending intentional worms, and, most importantly, giving your body more energy to carry on with the rest of the day. So the morning is the best time.

However, some also achieve benefits of dates with milk at night which can also be done as long as it leaves you healthily satisfied.

Dates and milk diet schedule

Following any diet should not be random, rather you must adhere to specific steps, tips, and amounts to get the required results. It has an effect on the process of burning fat in the body and contributes to reasonable weight loss. 

Therefore, we present to you the schedule of dates and the milk diet as follows, either in three days or within a week, and each schedule has different results.

Dates and milk diet schedule in 3 days

Following this eating pattern for three days has a role in expelling toxins from the body. It also helps in losing weight and losing it quickly, according to what is shown in the schedule of the diet of dates and milk in 3 days:

BreakfastEat 7 dates with a glass of milk and yogurt.
the lunchA cup of milk or yogurt, taking seven dates.
DinnerTake 7 dates during this meal, with a glass of milk or yogurt.

Dates and milk diet schedule in a week recommended by Joud

A week is enough to lose weight gradually and reasonably. So that it is not possible to lose weight significantly at once, as it will have negative effects on the health of the body first. 

In addition to the fact that the rapid descent is matched by a rapid increase in weight, in this context, we present to you the schedule of the diet of dates and milk in a week:

The first and second dayEat 7 dates with a glass of milk and yogurt during the three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Also the third dayBreakfast: Eat seven dates with a cup of milk.
Lunch: Eat grilled meat, chicken, or fish without any fat, in addition to a plate of salad and vegetables without tomatoes.
Dinner: Eat 7 dates with a cup of milk.
Fourth and fifth day7 dates are eaten with a glass of milk or yogurt in all meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
While the sixth dayBreakfast: 7 dates are eaten with a cup of milk.Lunch: Eat grilled meat, chicken or fish without any fat, with a salad or vegetables without tomatoes.
Dinner: Eat 7 dates with a cup of milk.
As for the seventh dayEat protein from meat and poultry in addition to salads, but it is forbidden to eat after eight in the evening
Dates benefits schedule

How short of a diet of dates and milk

A diet based on both dates and milk helps to increase the feeling of satiety and hydration at the same time, because of the fiber in dates that contributes to that.

as eating seven dates with a cup of warm milk gives you this feeling, so doctors recommend eating two cups of Dates with milk or milk twice a day, and make sure to eat grilled meat during lunch to compensate the body for its need for proteins and vitamins.

As for the answer to the question of how much did you lack on the diet of dates and milk directed to those who applied this diet, the answer is as follows:

  • The body decreases from six to seven kilos during the first week of following the dates and milk diet.
  • During the second week, the weight will decrease further until the end of the month.

  • The body loses between twenty or twenty-five kilos over the course of a month of following this diet.

Allowed in the diet of dates and milk

Although this diet is based on dates and milk, there are some things that are allowed, and it is also possible to eat some snacks during the day or between each meal and another, but with the need to be careful not to eat fatty and other foods. 

High-calorie meals. Therefore, we explain to you what is permitted in the diet of dates and milk:

  • Eating light meals such as fruits and vegetables or snacks, provided that this corresponds to reducing the number of dates that are eaten daily.
  • It is forbidden to consume all kinds of drinks and juices throughout the dieting period, as this may have a negative effect, as it may lead to weight gain, not the other way around.
  • Following this system is for a limited period and it is not right for the individual to continue with it for a long time, because of what may result from health problems that harm the health of the body and make it weak and generally weak.
  • The result of the diet appears within a very short period of time, with a maximum of within a week since the start of the system.
  • It is forbidden to follow the diet of dates and milk for pregnant and lactating women because it is a very harsh system and may cause side effects such as dizziness and nausea at times.

My experience with the dates and milk diet

Many girls and women are keen to convey their personal experiences in dieting and diets, and the number of kilograms that were lost when following this system.

in addition to tips and instructions for losing weight faster, from this standpoint we present to you my experience with the diet of dates and milk, the world of Eve:

  • Peace be upon you, good morning girls. I have been following this diet for two days with milk and dates. Today I got on the scale and lost 2 kilos. My beard weighs 61 after I was 63 and my height is 165.
  • ((Knowing that I previously flattened it for four days, maybe two months ago, and I lost four kilos, but unfortunately I came back three kilos because it is a holiday, outings, and girls’ gatherings, and you know the usual types of food))

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