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The 5 best Arab countries Travel & Live 2023

best 5 Arab countries where you can live and work safely in 2023

Immigration rates are increasing in many Arab countries in order to live and work, and this is what prompted us to list the best 5 Arab countries where you can live and work safely in 2023.



Despite the huge demand from people around the world to travel to Dubai, and the high rate at which migrants travel to the UAE for various reasons, this Arabian wonder of the desert remains the preferred destination for many migrants.

With a huge volume of tourists heading to the UAE on a daily basis, it is great to know that the place is still considered a safe country to visit. Violent crime rarely occurs. The fears of war and terrorism, which some countries in the Middle East fight on a daily basis, are absent in the Emirates. And if you choose to travel there, you can easily move around with peace of mind.

Photo of Dubai the economic city in UAE
Photo of Dubai the economic city in UAE

Although it is difficult to get good jobs, if you can get a recruitment service from a specialized and reliable company, you can get a relatively good job, because the UAE continues to develop rapidly and the demand for different types of jobs remains constant.

If you intend to travel to the UAE to obtain a job, there are two ways through which you can obtain a work visa:

  • Search for a job online or find an experienced recruiter to help you in your search for a job of your choice. An agent can connect you with an employer who will be your sponsor. Just avoid questionable agents who may be scamming or may be offering you a fake job.
  • Travel to the UAE on a tourist visa and try to take advantage of the free period to conduct an extensive job search. If you are lucky to get a job, you will return to your country of residence with an offer of employment and visit the UAE Embassy to obtain a work visa.

The second option will enable you to see what is obtainable in the UAE, and you will be familiar with the terrain and what you will and will not find in the new country.

Anyone who wants to work in the UAE knows from the start that the UAE does not have a minimum wage. Salary or bonuses depend on your negotiating skills or qualifications. In general, bonuses depend on the employer’s policy or rates of employment. Don’t be surprised if a company chauffeur earns more than a company secretary.



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KSA (Saudi Arabia)

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest Arab countries and is home to the two holiest sites in Islam, and is considered a safe place for everyone, both citizens and immigrants. It receives the largest number of Muslim arrivals to the country daily.

Getting a job in Saudi Arabia is getting more and more difficult due to the current “Saudization” policy, and the process is lengthy. If you are interested in getting a job there, you should seek the service of an authorized agent.

The agent must have a good knowledge of the current situation and be aware of the special skills that are understaffed. There is currently a career in demand such as teaching English (highly demanded in private schools), engineering, software developers, engineers, IT experts, construction, and healthcare professionals.



Also, the State of Qatar, which is one of the richest countries in the world, comes at the forefront of the Arab countries where you can live and work safely now. Qatar, as the host country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, takes safety very seriously.

Photo of Doha
Photo of Qatar

Migrant workers interested in living and working in Qatar see it as a travel-friendly country. All you have to do is find out what kind of business you intend to do in a country that has more foreign residents than natives.

It is possible to get a good job in Qatar. Never rely on those customers who may promise everything and deliver nothing. You can search for jobs online. There are a lot of job opportunities in Qatar now.

The challenge you may face in getting a job in Qatar just like most Arab countries is that you will need a sponsor. This issue can be dealt with if you have a job offer. Usually, your potential employer can become your sponsor.



Sultanate of Oman

And the Sultanate of Oman is one of the countries in the Middle East located in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula, and it is one of the best Arab countries in which you can live and work as well.

Despite its proximity to most of the unstable, war-torn Arab countries in the region, it remains a stable country.


For anyone who wants to work in Oman, the best way is to obtain a work visa before coming to Oman. Where there are job opportunities, and about 2 million people and large numbers of immigrants work in Oman as well.

You can search for a job online or let a trusted agent help you. Generally, you will need a company to sponsor your visa and the recruitment agency should be able to handle it for you.

As for when you live and work in Oman, part of the advantages you get are that the salary is good, the taxes are low, and the cost of living is lower than in most other Arab countries, which will enable you to save money.


Al Bahrain

For anyone who is interested in working in Bahrain, there are businesses that you can equip with provided you can meet their requirements. 

Obtaining a work visa is the basic condition for working in Bahrain, and you must obtain a work visa before traveling to Bahrain, in the same way as in the United Arab Emirates, as previously explained.

The positive point of residing in Bahrain is that the cost of living is relatively low. than is obtainable in some of the other popular Middle Eastern countries. The government subsidizes all basic items such as food, gas, water, and electricity, thus making them affordable for the average person.

Bahrain also recognized and set a new minimum wage. According to the announcement of January 8, 2014, the approved minimum wage starts in the Bahraini currency at 300 Bahraini Dinars (792 USD).

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