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Reasons to gain weight in winter… Here are some tips

Russian nutritionist Alexandra Surgik spoke about a common problem in this period, which is weight gain in the winter season.

In this report, we show you the reasons for weight gain in the winter, and how to avoid it through some tips.

The main reasons for weight gain in the winter season:

Diet changes:

Surgik said that changes in the diet in the winter are the main reason for weight gain during it.

She pointed out that people in winter reduce their intake of vegetables and fruits that contain complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

Conversely, it increases the intake of simple carbohydrates and fatty foods.

Lack of movement:

The nutritionist explained that people move less in this season, and indicated that this is also one of the main reasons.

“We don’t feel like dressing up because the weather is not very nice, and as a result we have fewer outings and less physical activity,”

Surgik said.

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In the following, we mention some solutions that help you avoid weight gain in the winter season: –

Maintaining sleep hours for your healthy:

Note that sleeping enough and at the right times helps well in maintaining weight and avoiding gaining it, especially in winter.

And the right times for sleeping range from 7-9 hours a day, which helps you not to eat in the middle of the night.

Daily walking:

As well as doing exercises and daily Movements such as walking, jogging, and climbing stairs contribute to increased activity in the body.

Also, maintaining movement on a daily basis has several benefits, such as stimulating blood circulation in the body.

Follow a healthy diet to avoid gain weight in winter:

A healthy diet is the most important thing that contributes to maintaining weight, as controlling the calories that enter the body in the winter is the main factor for this matter.

A person must eat 3 main meals that contain all the nutrients required for the body during the day while trying to stay away from unhealthy drinks and foods.

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